Universidad del Rosario

  • 12c # 6 -25



Projects 1980 2025

Effect of hypoxia on Biological Tumour Volume (BTV) and glucose uptake (2-NBDG) in breast and prostate cancer cell lines cocultivated with endothelial cells

Ondo Mendez, A. O., Garzon Fernandez, R. E., Plazas, M. C., Quintero-Mejía, P., Ortega-Recalde, O. J. & Agudelo-Ramirez, A. M.


Project: Research project

Effect of hypoxia on the survival of tumour and endothelial cells subjected to ionising radiation

Ondo Mendez, A. O., Garzon Fernandez, R. E., Plazas, M. C., Agudelo-Ramirez, A. M., Ortega-Recalde, O. J. & Quintero-Mejía, P.


Project: Research project

Effect of oxidative stress on drug resistance in colon cancer

Pinzon Daza, M. L. & Garzon Fernandez, R. E.


Project: Research project

Effect of oxidative stress on multi-drug resistance in glioblastoma cells

Pinzon Daza, M. L. & Garzon Fernandez, R. E.


Project: Research project

Effect of tumor heterogeneity in antitumor treatments based on NIS protein expression

Ondo Mendez, A. O., Pourcher, T., Garzón Fernández, R., Castillo Rivera, F., Gonzalez, L. X., López, D. F., Quintero-Mejía, P., Pinzon Daza, M. L. & Del Riesgo Prendes, L.


Project: Research project

Estudio HEPAFIT:  Effects of exercise intensity on hepatic metabolism and cardiovascular health in overweight/obese adolescents: Factorial controlled study. HEPAFIT Project

Correa-Bautista, J. E., Ramirez-Velez , R., Izquierdo, M., González-Ruíz, K., González-Jiménez, E., valle, J. S. R., Lobelo, F., Dominguez-Sanchez, M. A., Cañete, J. & García-Hermoso, A.


Project: Research project

effects of mercury used in alluvial gold mining on health and the environment in the department of Chocó

Varona, M. E., Briceño, L., Diaz, S., Palma, R. M., Groot-Restrepo, H., Tirso Murillo, C. & Ayala, H.


Project: Research project

Effects of pulsed therapeutic ultrasound on the treatment of people with osteoarthritis of the knee

Rodriguez Grande, E. I., Serrano, Y., Osma, J. L. & Ramirez, C.


Project: Research project

E-Learning as an organizational learning methodology in companies

Ortega Hurtado, F. F.


Project: Research project

Electoral Risks of the 2011 Elections

Franco Cuervo, A. B.


Project: Research project

Energy system planning

Perez Bernal, J. F.


Project: Research project

Entomofauna cadavérica in Bogotá D.C.

Bello Garcia, F. J.


Project: Research project

Environmental Criminal Law

Forero Ramirez, J. C.


Project: Research project

Epidemiological studies from the NSDS

Pinzon Rondon, A. M.


Project: Research project