Universidad del Rosario

  • 12c # 6 -25



Projects 1980 2025

Democratic inclusion through the courts

Pena Huertas, R. D. P., Parada Hernández, M. M. & Uribe Larrota, L. F.


Project: Research project

Construction of litigation map of capital cities

Prada Uribe, M. A.


Project: Consultancy project

Food security and pollinator crisis

Riveros Rivera, A. J.


Project: Research project

The visual pyramid: evolution of a conceptual instrument (closing and epilogue)

Cardona Suarez, C. A., Gutiérrez, J. & Restrepo, S.


Project: Research project

The Breast Size Satisfacition Survey (BSSS) - Background Information and Instructions for Collaborators

Javela Delgado, L. G., Swami, V., Barron, D., Cruz Vásquez, J. E., Zambrano, D. & Vargas, J. C.


Project: Research project

Psychophysiological measures of clinical states and valuation in decision-making in patients with opioid use disorder

Lopez Guzman, S., Konova, A. B., Rotrosen, J. & Glimcher, P. W.


Project: Research project

Immunoproteomic analysis of antigens recognized by human patients with cryptococcosis

Alber, G., Firacative, C., Gressler, E., Schulze, B. & Escandón, P.


Project: Research project

Understanding regional genomic variation associated with risk and etiology of chronic aging diseases

Clay, O. K., McEwen Ochoa, J. G., Aristizábal, D., Parati, G., Ochoa, J. E., Bedoya, G. & Misas, E.


Project: Research project

Genomic correlates of virulence and morphological phase transitions in pathogenic Onygenales fungi

Clay, O. K., Gomez Giraldo, B. L., McEwen Ochoa, J. G., Misas, E., Muñoz, J. F., Cuomo, C. A. & Gómez, Ó.


Project: Research project