Organization profile

Organization profile


1)     To deepen the knowledge concerning the Theory of the State, its actuality, problems and contemporary challenges; in a complementary space of dialogue and guided study.

2)     To contribute to the scientific research of the University, encouraging and supporting the written production, especially of the students.

3)     To address political issues from various theoretical perspectives in the spirit of generating an informed, inclusive and democratic debate.


The Theory of the State Research Incubator seeks to bring students from various faculties closer to contemporary discussions related to the State, its characteristics and debates about its history and future. It aims to promote critical thinking, based on an argument that has the most relevant sources on issues such as: the theory of democracy, the theory of law, political philosophy, among others. Additionally, it seeks to strengthen the research character through the writing of reflection articles for academic publications.


  • General aspects of the Theory of the State
  • Political liberalism and its crisis Analysis of political doctrines
  • Current debates in political theory and philosophy


  • Initial meeting and review of essential aspects of the literature to be worked on
  • Semester planning, responsibilities and schedule - Reading discussion and literature review
  • Rigorous, systematized and in-depth analysis and commentary of literature
  • Presentation to calls for papers -Participation in academic events