Research Incubator: Socioecology and Systems Thinking

Organization profile

Organization profile


  1. Analyze the interactions and relationships between social and ecological systems from a systemic perspective, understand the complexity of socioecological systems and their environmental and social challenges.
  2. Propose solutions to socio-environmental challenges from the perspective of systemic thinking and the socio-ecological approach.
  3. Promote inter and transdisciplinary work in the search for solutions to contemporary environmental challenges.


This research incubator is a transdisiciplinary space that applies systemic thinking to address socio-environmental challenges and propose comprehensive solutions. It welcomes students from multiple disciplnes as a way to motivate a systemic look of socio-environmental problems. It is a space for research and thinking.


  1. Hydrosocial territories.


  1. ECOS project databases.
  2. Initial version tests.
  3. Biotic and abiotic characterization document: Water balance of the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta and Puebloviejo - Magdalena.
  4. Primary information on socioecological components of the ECOS Puebloviejo project.
  5. Planning Monitoring.