Research Incubator: Federalisms, regionalisms, autonomies and transitional land regulations

Organization profile

The research seedbed is based on the study of the territorial organization of the State as a form of vertical division of power between the national, sectional and local levels. In this sense, it will be dedicated to the investigation and understanding of the current debates on the functioning of the public administration, the control of the decisions of the administrative authorities and the territorial organization of the Colombian State. As a form of social pact with the territory, the seedbed will also study the Colombian territorial ordering. The problems that derive from the regulations that standardize this form of planning and avoid diverse and endogenous developments in the territories. At this point, the transitional ordering variable is proposed as a way of linking this planning with the consequences of the armed conflict in the territory and the victims. With this study, it will also be possible to determine the various reparations to the territory related to memory, development and the environment.