Research Incubator: Criminal Litigation

Organization profile

Organization profile


The implementation of the Anglo-Saxon criminal prosecution system has brought with it the need to train students, also, in aspects other than eminently procedural ones, such as evidentiary reasoning, the psychology of testimony, legal argumentation, epistemology, oral techniques and skills, the psychology of persuasion, among others. Hence, Law Schools around the world have created permanent training spaces in these new subjects, in order to guarantee that students have sufficient input to successfully face professional practice.

For this reason, we intend for the Criminal Litigation Seedbed to become a continuous space for training and education, not only in the different areas of human knowledge related to the adversarial criminal system, but also in ethical parameters of the exercise of justice. profession. Both, aspects that the administration of justice requires with indescribable urgency.

General objective:

El Semillero seeks to involve students in criminal litigation beyond a competition or some specific classes. We hope that it will become a true school that, over the years, will provide the administration of justice with lawyers of the highest level from an ethical and professional point of view.

Specific objectives:

  1. Generate a permanent and continuous space for training in matters related to criminal litigation.
  1. Promote the quantitative and qualitative increase in the training of students who, eventually, will practice litigation in criminal matters.
  1. Contribute to the internationalization projects of the Faculty.

Line of Research:

  1. Innovative strategies line in the classroom.