Moral Psychology and Decision Sciences Research Incubator

  • Colombia

Organization profile

Organization profile


  1. "The purpose of the Research Incubator in moral psychology and decision science is educational and academic in equal proportions and importance
  2. From an educational point of view, it seeks to complement and develop more skills and competencies seen in the entire program such as critical reading, academic writing, search and updating of knowledge in databases and scientific literature, development of both quantitative and qualitative research projects, socialization of knowledge and academic reading and writing in Spanish and English among others.
  3. It is expected that these competencies will enhance what has been acquired in the basic cycle of psychology and provide differential tools for the continuation of the career of its members, both in professional and academic terms as well as personally.
  4. From an academic point of view, the production of scientific knowledge of the highest quality is sought, with a view to having a strong influence on contemporary academic debates as well as on applied projects for the good of society.
  5. Beyond these "official" purposes, the seedbed is expected to be a space for exchange, socialization, laughter and so on.
  6. Collaboration, support and mutual help are expected from all members in the face of the needs of others of an academic, professional and personal nature according to possibilities and needs.


  • Initially, the Research Incubator will seek to create conceptual, theoretical and methodological bases common to all its members. This will be done through a reading and discussion group focused on articles selected by the main teacher. These sessions will allow the creation of theoretical and conceptual foundations common to all the members of the Research Incubator that will be expanded and complemented in the subsequent sessions and projects. Depending on availability and need, a two-hour session will be held each week. This session will be of obligatory attendance and preparation for all the members.
  • Later, according to availability and interest of its members, the sessions will focus on the development of one or two Research Incubator projects. These projects may be of a "basic" or "applied" nature in moral psychology or decision sciences. Different members will be more directly involved in different projects. However, all members are expected to collaborate and help in any project according to their capabilities, interests and availability.


  • Moral Psychology and Applied Decision Sciences


  • Literature review and pilots
  • Project to be defined