Liberal Arts Research Incubator

  • Colombia

Organization profile

Organization profile


Humanantes is the research seedbed of the Liberal Arts in Social Sciences undergraduate program of the School of Humanities at Universidad del Rosario. It is a place for formative research in which students learn the different dynamics of academic research and to create academic research products such as papers and books. At the same time, is a place to learn about the history, evolution and role of liberal arts in contemporary society. With weekly meetings devoted to discussion, students and teachers aim at having a better understanding of liberal arts potential for a better society. Students collaborate in the writing of papers, books, the recording of podcasts and participate in various academic events such as symposiums, conferences and congresses.


Main objective:

To study the origins and evolution of what has been called the “crisis of the humanities” (or “silent crisis” according to M. Nusbaum) in order to find strong defenses of the relevance of the humanities in today’s way of life, recuing at the same time the development and value of liberal arts studies trough history.


Research areas:

  • Humanities, Social Sciences and Society
  • Agency, Ethics and Responsibility
  • Art and Society
  • Education



Main activities:

  • Periodical meetings for research and discussion.
  • Recording of podcasts.
  • Participation in academic events.
  • Writing of academic products such as papers and books.