Organization profile

Organization profile

Profile of the seedbed: A space to make visible the projects for the valorization of ethnic and cultural diversity at the University. CI has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it seeks to build and gather diverse visual, sound or written collections that reflect Colombian cultural and ethnic diversity. On the other hand, it seeks to disseminate and make visible - both inside and outside the University - all initiatives to promote interculturality. The CI project thus focuses on "virtual repatriation", and contains collections with high historical, cultural and aesthetic value that are in various museums and institutions around the world, as well as on the production of new materials (through the creation of a "living library" with the voices of people from the communities or other people whose experiences allow understanding the local histories of the peoples).

Work methodology: Indexing, cataloging and registration of multiple and original pieces (video, sound, image in sequence, photography, objects and belongings), belonging to indigenous, Afro-Colombian, black, Palenquero and Raizal peoples, settled in Colombia. In the same way, we position the feelings of the communities through the voices of the Elders, Mayoras, Sabedores and Sabedoras, who contribute with their own methodologies from spaces such as the chagra, the mambeadero, the vegetable garden, the maloca, the waterscapes, the kitchen, the community councils, among others.

Pre-requisites for entry: None

Active lines or projects:  

  • Photographic registration of the Frieda Schenker archive for the Intercultural Collections section in the institutional repository. (Active)
  • Museology and heritage management Museo del Caribe - Sala de la Acción (Active)
  • Video art and still photography in the Wayúu people (Active)

Disciplines of the research group: History of indigenous and black peoples in Colombia, Archives and Collections, Museums and Memory Initiatives, Visual Anthropology.

Does the research group have participation from other academic units of the UR or other universities? UR Intercultural Center, Memory Center of the Arhuaco People, Maguare Indigenous Reservation - Meta.

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