Organization profile

Organization profile

Seminar profile: To constitute an open mechanism for undergraduate and graduate students and alumni of the Faculty in an integrative, binding and diversified strategy where skills and competencies in research for current projects are developed.

Work methodology: Articulation with the research lines of the Faculty in order to integrate students and graduates to the activities, exercises and research processes within the framework of current projects that require support to strengthen their development, results and products; construction of projects with a view to applying for funding.

Build projects with a view to applying for funding calls, including human resources for research assistants, young researchers, etc. according to the TOR of the respective call.

Lines of research:

  • Security Conflict and Peace                           
  • Political Theory and Culture                               
  • Democracy and Society               
  • Colombian and Latin American Foreign Policy                              
  • Theories of International Relations                          
  • Socio-Environmental Politics and Dynamics                               
  • Territorial Management and Dynamics   

Active Projects:

Economic relations between Peru and South Korea (ALLISON DEL RÍO BAHAMON)
Case study for the analysis of informal settlement management practices in four Colombian cities 1985-2019 (CAMILA A. CONTENTO y CHIRSITAN RINCON)