Group of Studies on Democracy of the Universidad del Rosario - Demos UR Research incubator

Organization profile

Organization profile

General objective: To work on electoral analysis and the legislative process by exploiting the Demos-UR databases and publishing thematic bulletins.

Description.: This seedbed is designed to provide additional tools to student volunteers so that they can make electoral analysis relevant to current political issues. In this sense, each semester a relevant topic is taken at that time to analyze it among all the members of the seedbed and publish a bulletin with the results designed for all types of audiences.

Profile of the research group: The seedbed supports the professional training of research assistants, active undergraduate students and has even linked graduates who show interest in the topics of study. It also seeks to contribute to the analysis of the phenomena that characterise the political system in Colombia. Through periodical publications, prepared for online dissemination, it has addressed especially those issues associated with the dynamics involved in electoral processes, mechanisms of citizen participation, representation and political parties.

Working methodology: The seedbed meets every week, initially to train the group on the elaboration and interpretation of electoral cartography, as this constitutes one of the most important work inputs. The sessions give rise to asynchronous activities that the students develop, with the accompaniment and feedback of the young researcher from the Demos-UR group. As the sessions progress, the meetings are spaces for discussion and feedback on the tasks assigned for the semester's product.

Disciplines of the seedbed: Primarily focused towards students in Political Science and Government, International Relations, Urban Management and Development. Depending on the students who join and the interest shown, we can work with other programmes or disciplines.

Results as of 2021-1
Bulletins compiling the research carried out by the members of the seedbed throughout the semester available at:

Schedule: Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:00 pm


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