“Colombian leading companies and the development project 2002-1018” Research Incubator

  • Colombia

Organization profile

Organization profile


Create a space for dialogue that serves as an impulse towards the investigation of the Colombian business elite and its relevance in the development project.

Description of the incubator: 

This research incubator arises within the framework of the project “Colombian leading companies and the development project 2002-1018. Exploratory Phase.” It falls within the area of economic sociology and labor studies. A space is generated for the discussion of theories and methods for the study of business elites in contexts with marked inequality. Likewise, case studies and comparative works are promoted in order to contribute to the contemporary Latin American discussion.

Investigation lines:  

  • Privileged areas of accumulation 
  • Composition and evolution of the Colombian leading companies.  
  • Material and discursive strategies of large Colombian companies. 
  • Regulation and governance processes 
  • Research methods and techniques in elites and regulation processes.

Purposes or activities:

  • Support the formulation and development of research projects, degree projects and  term papers.
  • Disseminate research results in academic fields looking torwards  a wider audience. 
  • Generate spaces for collaborative knowledge creation (workshops, colloquia, roundtables, etc.).
  • Design data collection and analysis instruments
  • Produce teaching materials and supplies for the development of university courses and dissemination spaces.