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Organization profile

Organization profile

Profile of the seedbed: Inquiry into imaginaries and their complex ways of establishing themselves in expressions of everyday life. We start from the hypothesis that there are expressions that are related to imaginaries of violence that we consider should be culturally transformed, in the perspective of a country at peace.

Methodology of work: The workshop crosses activities of bibliographic review and capture and analysis of information from multiple social voices. The latter is carried out through focus groups, surveys, interviews, musical auditions, auditions of opinion programmes, research into humorous expressions, monitoring of social networks, among others. The information collected is systematised and analysed.

Pre-requisites for entry: After a dialogue with the candidates, each of them is asked to send a page in which they express their reasons for wanting to be in the Semillero and a first approach to the actions they would undertake in the Semillero. This is a kind of letter of intent.

Disciplines of the Semillero: The research work brings together multiple disciplines (and University programmes) such as Political Science, International Relations, Urban Planning, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Journalism, Economics, Jurisprudence, etc.

From the beginning, the different activities have been supported by Professor Ana Beatriz Franco Cuervo.


Organization profile

In line with the formation of Political Theory of the Faculty of Political Science and Government of the Universidad del Rosario and, more specifically, from the subjects of Fundamental Political Concepts, Classics of Political Thought and Political Theory I and II, we have been offering conceptual foundations and historical reflections that are determinant in the formative process.
With this in mind, in 2017 I presented the students of the Universidad del Rosario with the idea of forming a research seedbed as an instance to understand, criticize and build knowledge beyond the classroom, beyond rigorous cognitivism. From that moment on, the action has consisted in tracing the origin, systematizing evidence and causing interpretations with theoretical support of popular expressions that make imaginary manifestations of violence. From the beginning, the different activities have been supported by Professor Ana Beatriz Franco Cuervo