Microbiology Laboratory

  • Juan David Ramirez Gonzalez (Manager),
  • Claudia Marina Muñoz Diaz (Other),
  • Luz Helena Patiño Blanco (Other),
  • Carolina Hernandez (Other),
  • Lissa Briceida Cruz Saavedra (Other),
  • Adriana Higuera (Other),
  • Adriana Castillo (Other),
  • Jeimmy Viviana Aya Aldana (Other),
  • Sergio Castañeda (Other),
  • Diego García (Other),
  • Giovanny Herrera (Other),
  • Nathalia Ballesteros (Other),
  • Natalia Velasquez (Other),
  • Ariana Reina (Other),
  • Laura Vega (Manager),
  • Angie Ramirez (Other),
  • Luisa Páez (Other),
  • Bernardo Posada (Other),
  • David Martinez (Other),
  • Jesús Jaimes (Other),
  • Julian Medina (Other) &
  • Nicolas Luna (Other)

Equipment/facility: Facility

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    Carrera 24 # 63C-69

    Universidad del Rosario, Sede Quinta de Mutis




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Agriculture & Biology