Development of an educational intervention proposal based on medical simulation to strengthen affective and technical skills in maternal health in primary health care (PHC)

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Objective: To develop an educational intervention proposal based on medical simulation
to strengthen technical and affective competencies in maternal health within the framework of Care
Primary in Health.
Scope: It is proposed to develop an intervention aimed at undergraduate students in
Medicine and Nursing within the framework of training in Primary Health Care, which
include up-to-date and evidence-based technical knowledge in Emergency
Obstetrics and Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy in order to strengthen skills
technical and affective through Medical Simulation scenarios that allow identifying the
needs of this population during the process.
 Strengthening of technical skills in Obstetric Emergency and the Management of
the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy, updated and based on evidence, in
the framework of Primary Health Care.  Strengthening of affective skills in the formation of care teams
in Maternal Health during the Care of Obstetric Emergencies and the Management of
Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy.
 Identification of the needs of undergraduate students, in the process of
strengthening of technical and affective skills, through medical simulation
as a learning strategy.
 The proposal seeks to become an innovative educational strategy based on
Medical Simulation in Obstetrics aimed at Primary Care professionals in
Health. Simulation is a strategy that can greatly improve skills
technical and affective health professionals working in Primary Care
and generate a significant impact on Maternal Health indicators.
 From my professional and personal experience, the perception of the professionals of
health towards Primary Care in Obstetrics, is that it is complex and full of
complications and with a high probability of adverse maternal and fetal outcomes.
Adequate training, coupled with a teacher with affective skills that
allow to strengthen the health team, it will have a positive impact on learning
of knowledge and skills on the obstetric emergency and the interruption
pregnancy volunteer.
PeriodJan 2022
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  • Maternal Health, Medical Simulation, Technical skills, skills affective, Primary Health Care, Obstetric Emergency, Abortion. maternity health, Medical Simulation, technical skills, affective skills, Primary Health Care, Obstetric emergencies, abortion

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